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You might have a large tree causing visibility issues near the road. You may want to get it removed, but how? You may contact a professional arborist for assistance. This service may cost you a bit, but you can always ask for a tree removal quote beforehand. An arborist decides on the cost of removing a tree depending on various factors such as location and size of the tree.

You would like to know these factors prior to having a tree removed to prevent getting overcharged. Here are some of the factors that play significant roles in determining the cost of removing a tree.

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Tree Removal Cost Factors

1. Size: The size of the tree is the principal determinant of tree removal cost. A large-sized tree will cost you more as compared to a small-sized tree. Trees are capable of growing 100 feet high or even more! Some smaller trees may be just around 20 to 30 feet. These differences in size and height will greatly affect the price.

2. Hazard Tree: If your tree is a hazard tree, meaning a threat to the surrounding properties and community, its removal will cost you more. A hazard tree may be situated near the power lines, railway track, and roads. The removal of such tree calls for special equipment and arrangement which add to the overall cost of removing a tree.

3. Stump Removal: Cutting down of a tree brings with it the need to remove stump as well. Once the tree is removed you would also like to have the stump removed. The cost of removing a stump is usually not included in the overall cost of removing the tree. You would like to know the price of stump removal in case you want it to removed together with the tree.

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These are some of the factors that may help determine tree removal cost. You can analyze the tree for size and location to have an idea about the estimated cost of removing it. Aardvark Tree Service is a professional tree services company operating in Volusia & Flagler Counties.

Our company provides professional tree removal services and aims to provide 100% client satisfaction. Call us today at 386-310-8022 to help you solve any kind of tree problem.

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